Quantum metrology and imaging


  • Dr Pieter Kok

  • Dr Earl Campbell

  • Dr Zixin Huang

  • Mr Scott Vinay

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Project overview

Quantum information theory holds the promise of revolutionising technologies other than computing and communications. For the last 20 years, the question of what are the fundamental capabilities of quantum precision measurements has sparked a lively debate throughout the scientific community. Typically, the ultimate limits in quantum metrology are associated with the notion of the Heisenberg limit, expressed in terms of the physical resources used in the measurement procedure.

In addition to metrology, quantum entanglement can be harnessed to beat the Rayleigh diffraction limit of conventional optical lithography, and to permit nano-devices to be fabricated at a scale arbitrarily shorter than the wavelength used. However, there are a number of aspects of quantum imaging that are not well understood. We have developed a single theoretical framework to describe classical and quantum imaging, and presented general fundamental limits on the resolution and the deposition rate for classical and quantum imaging.