Quantum Light

‘Quantum Light’ is an exhibit which we created to tell the story of how we can use light for communication today. This exhibit also demonstrates how light can be used to build future quantum computing devices — this topic is at the core of our research.

We have been busy presenting our exhibits at the EPSRC Physical Sciences Impact Showcase, Discovery Night, the Exploring STEM for Girls event and returning to the Cheltenham Science Festival.

We were selected for the Summer Science Exhibition 2015 at the Royal Society, the Cheltenham Science Festival 2017 and have attended Discovery Night and Researcher’s Nights in Sheffield.

On this page:

Past exhibits

Communicating with Light

See how to carry information with light, try to eavesdrop on your friends and learn why quantum is better.

Single Photon Challenge

Learn why quantum physics is so challenging and check how many photons can you see with your eye and compete with your friends.

Quantum Interference of Photons

The core of the future quantum computer, watch a video of how photons behave in the quantum world.

Photos from previous events


Quantum Light flyer (PDF, 1.2MB)