Career destinations

This list provides an example of the successful careers postdoctoral researchers and PhD students from our group have followed since leaving Sheffield.

We hope the training and experience they obtained with us has seen them in good stead for their future careers. The years indicate the approximate year in which they left the LDSD group.

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  • George Gillard, Quantum Photonics Engineer, Aegiq Ltd, UK.

  • Andrew Foster, Quantum Photonics Engineer, Aegiq Ltd, UK.

  • Tintu Kuriakose, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Oxford, UK.

  • Mahmoud Jalali Mehrabad, Postdoctoral Researcher, Joint Quantum Institute, USA.

  • Hamidreza Siampour, Research Associate, University of Cambridge, UK.


  • Cosmo Lupo, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Bari, Italy.

  • Thomas Lyons, JSPS Research Fellow, RIKEN, Japan.

  • Charles Whittaker, Optical Scientist, Microsoft, UK.

  • Zixin Huang, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Australia.

  • Joschka Roffe, Research Associate, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

  • Davide Maria Di Paola, Research Associate, EPFL, Switzerland.


  • Luca Sortino, Research Associate, LMU München, Germany.

  • Armando Genco, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

  • Joe Maguire, Development Physicist, Edwards Vacuum, UK.


  • Maksym Sich, CEO, Aegiq Ltd, Sheffield, UK.

  • Scott Dufferwiel, CTO, Aegiq Ltd, Sheffield, UK.

  • Zaffar Zaidi, XFAB Process Development Engineer.

  • Emiliano Cancellieri, Data Scientist, Kantar, London.


  • Zofia Bishop, Senior Engineering Technician, Multidisciplinary Engineering Education at the University of Sheffield.

  • David Price, Development Engineer, Independent Forgings and Alloys (IFA Ltd).

  • Chris Bentham, Software Engineer, Linedata.


  • John O’Hara, Postdoc, Tyndall Institute, Cork, Ireland.

  • Benjamin Royall, Senior Process Engineer, Huawei, Ipswich.

  • Dmitry Revin, Chief Engineer, Stratium Limited.

  • Mark Pearce, Data Scientist, Dunnhumby.

  • Feng Li, Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University.

  • Deivis Vaitiekus, Process Engineer, SPTS.


  • John Bradley, Software Engineer, Elsevier.

  • Feng Liu, Postdoc, RWTH Aachen University.

  • Rikki Coles, Software Engineer, AMRC.

  • Nikola Prtljaga, Research Scientist, Gooch and Housegoo.

  • Stefan Schwarz, Application Engineer, Edmund Optics.

  • Jasmin Chana, Research Scientist, Base4 Innovation.

  • Andreas Waeber, Postdoc, TU Munich.

  • James Dixon, Scientific Consultant, Nuclear Technologies.


  • Lloyd Tinkler, Consultant Development Engineer at AMRC, Sheffield, UK.


  • John Quilter, Postdoc, Royal Holloway, University of London.

  • Ehsaneh Daghigh Ahmadi, Postdoc, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA.

  • Romain Toro, Development Engineer, CIP, Huawei, Ipswich.


  • Daniel Sercombe, Process Engineer, Intel, Dublin.

  • François Fras, Lecturer, Université de Strasbourg.

  • Nicholas Wasley, Consultant Physicist, Sagentia.

  • Jorge Puebla, Development Engineer, Attocube.

  • Oleksandr Tsyplyatyev, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Birmingham.


  • A J Ramsay, Senior Research Scientist, Hitachi Cambridge.

  • I J Luxmoore, Research Fellow, University of Exeter.

  • Dyfrig Davies, Nuclear Engineer, EDF UK.

  • Tim Godden, Physicist, Phase Focus.


  • S J Boyle, Software Engineer, Dorset Software.

  • P Commin, Device Engineer, Oclaro, Zurich.

  • Sang Lam, Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

  • P D Buckle, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff.


  • Claire Elliot, National Physical Laboratory (UK), Research Engineer.

  • Abdalla Khalifa, Professor, Libya.

  • P Aivaliotis, Device Engineer, Oclaro, UK.

  • S Davies, Device Engineer, Oclaro, UK.

  • D Szymanski, Device Engineer, Oclaro, UK.

  • N Babazedah, Research Associate, EEE Department Sheffield.


  • B D Jones, Scientific Branch, Home Office UK.

  • Fabrice P Laussy, Ramón y Cajal fellow at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

  • R Kolodka, Research, CEA, Grenoble.


  • J C Lin, software.

  • J Skiba-Szymanska, Research, Toshiba, Cambridge.

  • S Menzel, R&D, Fraunhofer Society, Germany.

  • R Oulton, Lecturer, University of Bristol.

  • A Chalcraft, Postdoc, the University of Sheffield.

  • B Carpenter, Web Designer, Sheffield.

  • E Zibik, Device Technologist, Oclaro, Zurich.

  • A Nickolaenko, Postdoc, Southampton.

  • Y Jang, Postdoc, Chung Nam University, Korea.


  • T Badcock, Postdoc, University of Manchester.

  • D Sanvitto, Professor, University of Lecce.

  • A Hashemizadeh, Professor, Iran.

  • A Daraei, Professor, Iran.

  • A Alyamani, Professor, Nanotechnology Centre, Saudi Arabia.

  • S Ceccarelli, IEE Publishing.

  • W H Ng, Technical Sales Engineer, Lambda Photometrics.


  • D Kundys, Postdoc, ORC Southampton.

  • A Ebbens, Postdoc, University of Dortmund, Germany.


  • F Pulizzi, Editorial Team of Nature Materials, London.

  • R Green, Postdoc, NEST, Italy.


  • W Fan, Postdoc, University of Leeds.

  • I R Sellers, Professor, University of Oklahoma.


  • L R Wilson, EPSRC Advanced Fellow, Sheffield.

  • A M Adawi, Postdoc, Physics (organics group) Sheffield. Lecturer, University of Hull.

  • K W Groom, Lecturer, EEE Sheffield.

  • P W Fry, Postdoc, EEE and Physics, Sheffield.

  • M J Steer, Postdoc, EEE Sheffield.

  • R Butte, Senior Researcher, EPFL, Lausanne.

  • R Oulton, Postdoc, University of Dortmund.

  • A D Bristow, Professor, University of West Virginia.


  • R Shimada, Sony, Japan.

  • M Emam-Ismael, University Lecturer, Egypt.

  • D Carder, Postdoc, FELIX, University of Utrecht.

  • S R Parnell, Postdoc, Rutherford Laboratory.

  • M Rahn, Spin-out, University of Manchester.

  • J J Finley, Professor, Technical University, Munich.


  • V N Astratov, Professor, University of North Carolina.

  • P T Keightley, AWE, Aldermaston.

  • R M Stevenson, Senior Researcher, Toshiba Europe.

  • A Lemaitre, CNRS, LPN, Marcoussis.


  • K L Schumacher, Postdoc, Imperial College.


  • D Baxter, Careers Training Officer.

  • A Armitage, aerospace industry.

  • N Cain, software.

  • W R Tribe, Senior Researcher, Teraview, Cambridge.

  • Y B Li, financial software.

  • O P Kowalski, Senior Scientist, Intense Photonics.


  • D W Peggs, teaching profession, Sweden, Russia.

  • M Birkett, Executive Director, Finance, Goldman Sachs.


  • R Teissier, Professor, Montpellier.

  • T A Fisher, Lecturer, University of Western Australia.


  • R A Hogg, Professor, EEE Department, Sheffield (previously Agilent).


  • W I E Tagg, Senior Executive, Logica.

  • P D Buckle, Senior Scientist, Qinetiq, Malvern.