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‘Quantum Light’ Exhibit

We have developed a set of hands-on demonstrations witch tell a story of why quantum? what is quantum? and how to do quantum? We took this exhibition to several major science fairs in the country. #itsQL

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'Quantum City' Exhibit

What will the future look like when quantum technologies are in our everyday lives?

The next generation of quantum technologies is here. Learn about quantum science with partners from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and see what living in a "quantum city" might be like.

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One of our key activities is the production of educational animations with the goal of bringing concepts of quantum physics to a wider audience and demonstrating the latest technological developments.

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Quantum Speed Test

Quantum computers massively outperform conventional computers when finding the prime factors of large numbers. We simulate the time it takes to find the prime factors of large numbers for quantum and conventional computers. Try our Quantum Speed Test to check yourself how much faster a quantum computer will be!

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