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The group is led by Professor Sasha Tartakovskii. In October 2023 the group consists of 6 postdocs: Panaiot Zotev, Daniel Gillard, Yadong Wang, Xuerong Hu, Alexander Knight, Paul Bouteyre, and 5 PhD students: Oscar Hutchings, Sam Randerson, Zara Taylor, Timothy Chester-Parsons and Oscar Palma Chaundler.

18 PhD students have graduated since 2008, who are now based in industry and academia in Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy), North America (Mexico) and Asia (Japan).

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The 2D Materials group members listed below are in alphabetic order.

Group leader

Professor Alexander Tartakovskii

Postdoctoral researchers

Paul Bouteyre

Daniel Gillard

Xuerong Hu

Alexander Knight

Yadong Wang

Panaiot Zotev

Visiting researchers

Abdul Sattar

Associate professor

COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan

PhD students

Timothy Chester-Parsons

Oscar Hutchings

Undergraduate/Masters: Nottingham

Oscar Palma Chaundler

Sam Randerson

Undergraduate/Masters: The University of Sheffield

Zara Taylor

Masters students

Stephen Walker

Former members

PhD, postdocs and recent master students, in chronological order with the most recent destinations.

Group photos

After the training session for the newly installed glovebox, June 2022. Left to right: Yadong, Xuerong, Charalambos, Paul.
First face-to-face group meeting after the lockdown on 22 July 2020 on the day when the labs in the Hicks building were finally open. Left to right: Charalambos, Daniel, Na, Sasha, Luca, Oscar, Panaiot, Tom, Mostafa and Armando.
Group meeting in July 2020.
Lab photo in January 2019. Left to right: top - Evgeny, Armando, middle - Sasha, Luca, Alessandro, Panaiot, bottom - Tom, Dan, Charalambos.
Group photo in January 2019. Left to right: Luca, Dan, Armando, Evgeny, Tom, Charalambos, Sasha, Alessandro.
Historical picture from 2014, outside the lab on a sunny day. Left to right: Sasha, Hakan, Osvaldo, Tillmann, Robert, Le, Stefan.